VNA Meals on Wheels
VNA Meals on Wheels provides hot, nutritious, freshly prepared meals five days a week to Dallas County residents who cannot obtain or prepare meals for themselves due to illness, advanced age, or disability. The target goal of this rebranding was to refresh their identity to match their core mission of being a friendly, reliable, and consistent outreach program.
Printed brochures are a tangible and direct source of information for clients of the VNA Meals on Wheels program. They provide an easy way to distribute information and resources without the need for technology.
This brochure presents the VNA Meal on Wheels mission and the variety of volunteer opportunities that the public can sign up and volunteer for. Each one has varying levels of involvement and frequency so that the volunteer can choose what option best works for them.
These are insulated food carrier bags that the volunteers can use to transport and carry the food during their deliveries throughout the week to Meals on Wheels consumers.
These advertisements are designed for both web and print display. These mockups demonstrate how they can be displayed through different applications to promote the volunteer opportunities available.
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